Project Description

book cover Build to LastSubtitle: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies

By: Jim Collins and Jerry I. Porras


  • Need core value that lasts beyond their mgmt.
  • Multiple CEOs without intrerruption in focus is a positive sign.
  • Leadership and mgmt should be the focus.
  • Focus on serving customers, not building fortune.
  • Slow business start is best, since fast starts don’t teach companies how to scrape.
  • No great idea or leader is required.
    • Great ideas might be bad, because companies build a business around those ideas instead of developing a good culture.
  • Great companies start by tinkering. They are always innovating.
  • Detailed plans offer fail, b/c circumstances change.
    • Read: Johannes Van Mulkin (preussian general)
  • Put fences around people and you get sheep.


  • Build to Last – Principles:
    • Big Hair Audacious Goals (clear, attainable and challenging goals).
      • Helpful until they achieve the goal. Must replace with another.
    • Cult like cultures (great places to work for those that fit in).
      • Tightness of fit; training, special language
    • Tinkering and experimentation stimulates progress (MMM example)
      • Try it out, and quick
      • Accept that mistakes will be made
      • Lot easier to learn form a familiar
      • Give people the room they need
      • Make expectations known
    • Promotion from within
    • Good enough never is. Continuous self improvement.
  • Fail fast: If some element or product is not working, then cut it and more on.
  • Crawl, walk, run