The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

book cover 7 HabitsSubtitle: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change

By: Stephen R. Covery


  • Have your kids teach you.
    • Help with bounding, learning, and helps them stay interested.
  • To make a major change in oneself – must make a paradigm shift in thinking.
  • Greater to be respected than to be liked.
  • Never engage in a cover up.
  • Interdependence is better than independence.
  • Habit 1: Be proactive. Take responsibility for yourself.
    • Be positive, otherwise, negativity will overwhelm. Be in charge of your life. Personal vision.
  • Habit 2: Mission with roles and goals. Begin with the end in mind. Write the script.
    • Purpose, value, philosophy, direction. Write a mission statement. Prioritize life.
      • Write a family mission statement. Write a strategy to follow that mission. Culture around that idea.
    • What would you like said at your funeral. Character? Contribution? Friend? Associate?
  • Habit 3: Putting first things first. Organizing and executing around those priorities and live by them.
    • Don’t let one thing take over too much.
    • 80% of the results flow from 20% of the work.
    • Manage things and lead people.
    • If kids are given love unconditionally in early years, they develop self-worth. If it’s conditionally or in comparison to someone else, they develop their self worth dependent on outside things.
  • Habit 4: Think win-win
    • Find a situation where everyone can win.
  • Habit 5: Seek first to understand, then help other to understand you
    • When both parties want to be heard first, neither is open to hearing.
    • Deepest desire of most people is to be understood. Emotional deposits must be seen as important to the other person.
    • Listener is always working the hardest in the conversation.
    • Restate the person’s position in a way that helps you can convey your attributes best.
  • Habit 6: Synergies
    • Be creative and think through new and better solutions.
    • Whole is greater than sum of it’s parts.
    • Complementary teams are better than the sameness. Everyone has unique talents and capacity.
    • Must do every day to sharpen self:
      • Mental, spiritual, social, physical.
  • Habit 7: Balance between all dimensions.
    • 1,2,3 (personal victory) leads to 4,5,6 (public victory)
    • Nothing fails like success. Must have a changeless set of core values and a mission statement and set of values.
    • Can only have influence over things that are in one’s control.
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